Best Electronic Dance Music Festivals (and a few raves thrown in

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Call it EDM One More Time, I Dare You

Ok, so going to gigs can be fun experience; I’ve been to plenty in my 25 years on the planet and have thoroughly enjoyed myself at most, but I never truly knew what it was to actually party until I went to a full-on rave. I never used to care for electronic music but as my university years went by, I was introduced to scenes that were more underground than I had ever imagined. I’m proud to have been party to the rise of Dubstep before it was forever ruined by Borgore (and I actually like a bit of Borgore on occasion), and I cannot tell you how much I enjoy attending Drum and Bass raves as well as dancing for consecutive hours to minimal house. It is my opinion that one hasn’t truly experienced electronic music until they have actually been to an event that specialises in it because as much as the music is the main factor in enjoying any genre, it is the atmosphere created as a result of thousands of people experiencing the same level of enjoyment as you for the same reasons that makes the Electronic Dance Music scene so fun to be a part of. Without further delay, here is a collection of the best Electronic Dance Music (which I will reluctantly refer to as EDM) festivals and/or venues out there.

Shambhala, Canada

Perhaps one of the greatest EDM events to happen in the world, Shambhala lays waste to the livers and brains of many in the great federal parliamentary democracy that is Canada. Astoundingly, this festival runs without sponsorship (essentially volunteers keeping it going) year after year and has been gaining popularity since 2008. Though it is a long way to travel for UK fans of electronic music, most wouldn’t think twice about booking flights out there just to experience the festival since it is one of the most widely-recognised events in the (grr) EDM scene.

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Electric Zoo

This is New York’s answer to the question of electronic dance music, and it is a pretty popular one at that. Only time will tell if the recent deaths will affect the event’s future but its past speaks for itself. The line-ups usually involve a mixture of commercial electronic dance music as well as some of the more underground artists that have received praise from critics.


Once having Amsterdam Arena as its permanent home, Sensation now moves around the world hitting countries like the UK, Brazil, Chile, and Russia. This festival could easily be described as being in its infancy since its 2013 US tour will only propagate the rise of (grr) EDM in America. This is a festival well worth attending if you can muster up the cash to afford it.


Creamfields is synonymous with electronic music in the UK, with hundreds of thousands flocking to see artists such as Avicii, Knife Party, The Prodigy, Madeon, and Benny Benassi. This festival is held in London and leads to enjoyment and the resulting bodily ruin of all involved (an essential part of attending any festival, really)

Global Gathering

Voted the best dance event in the UK Festival Awards 2013, Global Gathering is another name that electronic music fans will know and likely love. All the best electronic artists attend every year, as do the thousands of fans that enjoy getting inebriated on substances legal and illegal, the denial of the prominence of which in electronic music festivals would be naive and idiotic.