Xewton Music Studio App Review – Perhaps one of the greatest mobile studios to ever grace a mobile device

An image of the Xewton Music Studio app

There isn’t a musician on earth that hasn’t at least wondered what it would be like to record in a luxurious music studio. Dreams of Abbey Road, Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studio, or Electric Lady in NYC of course take up the minds of many bands wishing to lay down tracks in the best and most notorious environments possible, but technological development of recent years has been such that studios like these are becoming less necessary by the minute. This is particularly true for electronic music artists, who are much more likely to build a home studio or furnish their computers with increasingly powerful production software than to go and pay ridiculous quantities of cash for a week at a recording studio; we’ll leave that up to record companies that wish to spend money on manufactured bands like The Wanted and One Direction. Real musicians know that taking matters into their own hands quite literally by purchasing powerful production software is the sensible thing to do, and Xewton Music Studio is an app that can give your music the opportunity to shine.

At the heart of it, Music Studio is a sequencer with a framework that is pretty typical of such an app. The on-screen keyboard allows you to tap in notes and tunes at your behest, with the option to pinch the screen to resize, swiping the screen to scroll up or down octaves, and even having the keyboard on two layers to concentrate on two instrument inputs simultaneously. The app comes with fort instrument presets (the lite version have considerably less than this) from pianos and organs to guitars, basses, synths and a drum kit. Of course there are in-app purchases available as well in case you feel that your music deserves extra cash spent on making it sound even better and more unique by implementing different instruments.

Different effects and audio tweaks can be applied to your instruments as well including volume, attack/release, delay, overdrive, reverb, and so on. The flexible editor also allows you to drag and drop notes, ensuring they can be added, deleted, moved, quantised, and expanded depending on your preferences. The ability to control the position of notes, their duration, and also their rhythm is essential for producing highly accurate and intricate pieces of music, and these are features that some basic step sequencers such as the unity-based Step Seq.,  which is comparatively basic and restrictive when put up against this beautiful piece of software.

Managing your recordings is quite the breeze, so whether you’re recording tracks that belong on Kerrang or electronic masterpieces that wouldn’t be out of place in Just Dance 4’s repertoire, they can be easily exported to PC/Mac over WiFi. Example tracks are also present in case you feel like you need a little demonstration of what the software can do, though the power of it becomes self-evident after even a little bit of poking around and exploration of the different instruments and effects.

Far from the basic grid view of the aforementioned Step Seq.’s interface, Xewton Music Studio has an impressive sequencer that allows up to 128 separate tracks  and which looks fairly similar to Garage Band’s equivalent. Instruments are seen on the right and the notes recorded for them to the right of them.  Having such a potentially large quantity of layers truly opens up the possibilities for musicians and makes this a very powerful bit of kit. If you couple this with the note editor accessed from the tracks tab, you can create recordings with multiple layers where all the notes can be made accurate and edited to perfection.

Xewton Music Studio is therefore not simply a light-hearted bit of music entertainment of the likes of the Music Ninja game, but rather a serious bit of sequencing power that allows 128 tracks of layering with a note editor and a great range of instruments. To think that software like this would have once taken up an entire studio makes the app all the more impressive as well, and secures Music Studio’s position towards the top of any “best musical app” lists, particularly for dance, trance, and electronic music producers in general.